In December 2014, I put together a little video as an entry into the TNQ Paradise through your lens video competition. My family and I shot this very spur of the moment and all in a day and a night (camping in the Nevis Valley).

Paradise through our lens, Entry for the TNQ competition 2014, Ross, Wanaka New Zealand from Stash Media Worx on Vimeo.

We got an email from the TNQ office in January to say that we had been shortlisted for one of the 10 spots and that we were all heading over the QLD to shoot a 1 minute video on our time and trip there. TNQ is a stunning place to visit with so much diversity and history. From the coast into the tablelands and beyond there were so many things to see and do. We could have spent 3 weeks just tripping about and staying in amazing spots.

Here is our entry into the final.

Thanks to the team at Sapient Nitro and Explore TNQ for the trip and time in their part of the world.